The Murhof Group is one of UBIMET’s newest customers. It is Austria’s largest golf club with 15 golf courses, approximately 14,000 members and 230 employees. The golf the club uses UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit and Severe Weather Warnings for planning tournaments, events and for maintaining their courses.

A golf course’s successful operation depends  significantly on the weather. The Murhof Group plans it’s events, lawn care and restaurant business since March 2015 with support of UBIMET’s Weather Cockpitof.

“Like many other outdoor recreational activities, the number of visitors on our golf courses strongly dependens on the weather. The Weather Cockpit allows us to optimally prepare for our customers and it helps us to organize catering and events”, explains Madlen Kager, Marketing Associate at the Murhof Group. You can increase operational efficiency when you are aware of the exact upcoming weather situations, especially for long weekends and holidays in the summer season.

UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit is an is easy to use online portal that provides comprehensive weather data, forecasts and accurate severe weather warnings.

Precise Forecasts for every Golf Ccourse

UBIMET delivers hourly data for all weather characteristics including temperature, rain, wind, precipitation radar and lightning detection.

“We now have a direct contact for any questions  regarding current and future weather situations. This allows us to effectively manage our golf courses. The Murhof Group is able to define its own weather data points and thresholds, with the help of a red, yellow, green calendar system. We always know when it’s best to perform certain maintenance tasks”, explains Kager.

Every greenkeeper can coordinate their lawn and course care based on the weather. Therefore, the course is always maintained for the golfers. Severe weather warnings sent via SMS and email pre-warn employees of severe weather situations.

Weather forecasts are displayed on the golf club’s websites, which serve 14,000 members. “Every golfer can look up local golf course weather conditions and they don’t have to rely on general forecasts”, explains Madlen Kager. In addition to the Murhof Group, several golf clubs in Australia use UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit, including the Royal Melbourne Golf Club and The Grange in Adelaide.

Extensive Data – Proprietary Weather Model

UBIMET values high precision meteorology. Expert Meteorologists collect and analyze data from more than 28,000 worldwide weather stations, satellite and radar images. UBIMET’s forecasts are pinpoint precise. This is possible through UBIMET’s proprietary RACE weather model, additional downscaling algorithms and the expertise from specialized Meteorologists.