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Melbourne, 26 April 2016 – The successful operation of professional golf tournaments significantly depends on good weather. Since January, the Professional Golfers Association of Australia has enhanced its weather risk management for more than 200 of its tournaments, including those on the PGA Tour of Australasia, which are run annually with support of UBIMET‘s “Weather Cockpit”. 

The online platform of the private weather service based in Melbourne provides high-precision meteorological information to help the PGA ensure player and spectator safety, as well as operational planning, scheduling of tournaments and maintenance work.

“UBIMET has provided a great service to us for our PGA Tour of Australasia tournaments and it is fantastic that we have now extended this service across the majority of our events in both Australia and overseas”, explains Graeme Scott, Tournaments Operations Manager.

“The Weather Cockpit portal from UBIMET was critical to the successful running of our 2014 and 2015 PGA Tour of Australasia tournaments and we look forward to extending this to our National Pro-Am series, Legends Tour and Trainee events.”

“The PGA has been able to manage the daily schedule of high-profile tournaments based on the weather information supplied by UBIMET. Due to the pinpoint forecasting information being provided for our tournaments, considered decisions could be made to continue or suspend play and we weren‘t reliant on less accurate forecasting for broader regions where we were hosting our tournaments.”

UBIMET’s Weather Cockpit is an easy to use online portal that provides comprehensive weather data, forecasts and  severe weather warnings. Locations, weather parameters and alerts are highly customized to the requirements of the PGA and their events. Data from more than 28,000 weather stations around the world, global satellite and radar data as well as a proprietary national lightning detection system provide the basis for high-precision meteorological forecasts.

The lightning detection system enables detection of strikes to within 100m and below and assists in preventing lightning related incidents. ”When lightning is detected within a set radius of a golf course, SMS and email warnings are sent to tournament officials, warning of impending lightning,” explains Mathew Muller – Director Sales for UBIMET Australia.

UBIMET is an international weather service company operating severe weather centres in Melbourne, New York and the company‘s headquarters in Vienna, Austria.