Weather information for insurance companies

Insurance companies receive precise weather information for processing claims and thus reducing processing times: The Claims Information System (CIS) from UBIMET enables claims experts to check the recent weather conditions for a highly localised area and facilitates faster and more efficient claims processing.

The professional weather application “Claims Information System”

With the Claims Information System (CIS), UBIMET offers insurance companies location-specific weather information regarding lightning, storms, hail and rain for the recent past. The online portal enables queries based on addresses and time periods. The results are displayed as an unequivocal yes/no answer. Easy-to-read maps and detailed information are also available.

Precise weather information from global data sources

What was the weather like in a specific location? Was there really a thunderstorm with heavy lightning or even hail? CIS offers fast and precise answers to these questions. Data from weather stations, radar stations and satellites as well as from UBIMET’s own lightning detection system are integrated into the UBIMET Claims Information System.

Check weather-related claims in a quick and easy manner

With the Claims Information System, insurance companies can check any damage claims quickly, easily and reliably. This not only reduces processing times and costs, but it also increases customer satisfaction. The Claims Information System enables simple queries and clear results. The CIS is available as a web portal and can easily be integrated in existing IT solutions.

Your advantages with the CIS:

  • Accurate verification of weather-related claims
  • Faster processing of individual claims
  • Reduced costs for technical experts
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Want to integrate hyperlocal weather insights into your own systems?

With the UBIMET API “UBI:Connect” it’s easy to create a connection between your systems and UBIMET’s high-quality hyper-local weather database. Find out more on our dedicated weather API page or ask for more information below.

UBIMET Connect Weather Data API

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