The innovative Austrian weather company UBIMET is always striving to implement new features and optimize existing services. Their highly functional Weather Cockpit online portal now includes detailed lightning analysis, in addition to existing precipitation, storm, temperature and cloud cover information, each of which is  relevant to a variety of construction, mining, sporting, events, and other outdoor activities.

Reflecting the motto: “stagnation is regression”, UBIMET’s experts in engineering, meteorology and physics work intensively on improving services for every customer. The existing Lightning Detection System (LDS) is now integrated directly within the UBIMET Weather Cockpit: “Our customers now have access to all relevant weather information via one online portal. So all data is easily recognisable at a single glance“, says Mario Kahn, Head of IT at UBIMET.

Not all lightning is the same

Leader lightning, lightning orb, earth-cloud-strike or cloud-earth strike,: electrical discharge of clouds can take many different and dangerous forms. UBIMET’s weather network registers lightning strikes on the ground as well as discharges within clouds. Lightning strikes are displayed on a map and easily identified via symbols indicating strength and polarity. On this map you can see how many lightnings discharged within the last 60 respectively 120 minutes: “In addition, symbols blink if there were lightning strikes within the last twelve minutes”, says Kahn: “Age, type and intensity are also recorded.”

When you better don’t remain sitting under a tree

Benjamin Franklin knew that it is important to protect yourself against lightnings already in the 18th century. UBIMET is not developing lightning conductors, but the detection of flash unloading within the last twelve minutes, helps to ensure security too. Because by help of this, its possible to assess, if employees of large farms, mining companies, golf courses, or any event or setting where withdrawing people or equipment from potentially dangerous conditions might be necessary. The Weather Cockpit can also deliver severe weather warnings to individuals or groups via SMS and email. Alert thresholds can be customized across a range of conditions and triggers, including heavy rain, storms or hail – and of course lightning.