UBIMET Forecast: A mostly dry weekend looks to be on tap for Mexico City

Vienna, October 28, 2016 – Mexico City, Mexico will host the nineteenth Formula 1 race of the season this weekend. UBIMET is the official meteorological service provider, delivering high- precision weather information for the teams and spectators. For the racing weekend sunny mornings with clouds and some isolated showers during the afternoons are expected.

Friday will bring more clouds and slightly cooler temperatures to the city.  The clouds will primarily arrive during the afternoon hours, with only partly cloudy conditions leading up until midday. A few isolated, light showers from these clouds can’t be ruled out during the afternoon, but it is more likely that P1 and P2 will remain dry with a high of around 18 degrees Celsius. Winds will come from the north and range from 10-15 km/hr.

On Saturday, haze and low clouds will be present during the morning with brisk morning temperatures. These clouds will burn off as the sun rises, leaving mostly sunny skies throughout much of the morning and early afternoon. Cumulus clouds and isolated showers will develop in the mountains during the afternoon hours also and may be visible from the track, but there is once again a low risk that these showers move into central areas of Mexico City. The high will reach 20 degrees Celsius with only light winds from the north.

Sunday will start off friendly, and Mexico City should experience a generally pleasant morning with mostly sunny skies and just a few high clouds. However, mid-level clouds and some isolated showers will begin to build in the area during the early afternoon hours. Showers will gradually become more widespread than on previous days, and chances that a shower could pass over the track will increase towards the end of and shortly after the race period. The high will reach 22 degree Celsius during the race period with a light wind.