Long-Term Index February 2018

Long-Term Index February 2018

  • February 2018 was very sunny with low precipitation and comparatively weak winds
  • Total production from wind and solar power significantly below average at 9,154 GWh
  • Solar power rank: 3 with 1,722 GWh, wind power rank: 30 with 7,432 GWh

The general weather situation over Europe changed in February. A dominant high-pressure area particularly influenced the second half of the month. Atlantic low-pressure areas could not prevail and, thus, February 2018 was very sunny with low precipitation and comparatively weak winds. The usual sunshine duration in Germany in February increased by 150% and the usual amount of precipitation by 41%. Stormy gusts, similarly to Bft. 8, were measured only in the low mountain ranges and on the coasts. A special storm event was not recorded.

Solar power production increased to 3rd place according to UBIMET’s long term-index with 1,722 GWh. This was due to the many hours of sunshine in February 2018. More solar power production was only generated in 1986 with 1,755 GWh and 2003 with 2,068 GWh.*

February was a very weak month for wind power production because of weak low-pressure areas. The all-time production rank was 30 with 7,432 GWh and is thereby in the last third of the last 40 years. The most wind power was produced in 2002 with 18,053 GWh.*

In total, 9,154 GWh of energy was generated by wind and solar farms last February. This is slightly above average compared to the last 39 years. The most profitable February for the total of wind and solar energy was in 2002 with 19,146 GWh* due to high solar energy production.

* The UBIMET long-term index compares the solar and wind energy production yields. The UBIMET experts calculate the respective yields for each month of the last 39 years and compare them to the current values. Every yield is related to the current German portfolio so that the periods can be compared.

UBIMET Long-term index TOP 3 : February


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