Development of a sensor-based citizens’ observatory community for improving quality of life in cities.

October 1st 2012 until September 30th 2016

Executive summary

The goal of CITI-SENSE is to develop, test, demonstrate, and validate a community-based environmental monitoring and information system in nine cities: Barcelona, Belgrade, Edinburgh, Haifa, Ljubljana, Oslo, Ostrava, Vienna, and Victoria. UBIMET is responsible for planning and conducting the Viennese pilot project. In this pilot project, approximately 100 participants are equipped with mobile sensors. The main goal is to measure air quality and meteorological conditions in the participant’s respective environment.

Project partners

The consortium comprises 30 partner institutions with partners from Europe, South Korea, and Australia and has a budget of over EUR 12 million.

  • Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Norway
  • Bureau Medische Milieukunde (BMM), Netherlands
  • The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF), Norway
  • Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Israel
  • Czech Technical University (CVUT), Czech Republic
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • AirBase Systems Ltd., Germany, Israel
  • Centre de Recerca I Innovacio de Catalunya, Spain
  • GAC Ltd, Czech Republic
Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), UK
  • Iritziak Batuz (IBATUZ), Spain
  • Sensing & Control Systems S.L. (S&C), Spain
  • Alphasense Limited, UK
  • U-Hopper, Italy
  • Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL), Spain
Institute of Experimental Medicine (IEM), Czech Republic
Institute National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risque (INERIS), France
  • Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia
  • Institute for Nature and Forest Research, Belgium
  • Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI), Slovenia
  • The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF), Norway
  • Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TECNALIA), Spain
Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), Korea
  • Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO), Belgium
  • University of Cambridge, UK
DunavNET, Serbia
  • Snowflake Software, UK

Project funding

This project received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development, and demonstration under grant agreement no. 308524 (Call ID: FP7-ENV.2012.6.5-1) More information at: