Exploration of possibilities for utilizing signal quality data of cellular radio networks for precise weather nowcast.

October 1st 2015 until September 30th 2016

Executive summary

Mobile communications generate huge amounts of data from which invaluable information can be drawn if intelligent pattern analysis and classification are properly applied. UBIMET will analyze the signal quality of radio links in terms of transmission loss and packet loss between base stations and mobile radios with respect to local precipitation. Results of classification could provide unique input to weather nowcasting models, improving its regional and temporal precision – for example, in regions with limited or without any rain radar information, such as mountainous regions (radar shadow) in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. In this project, UBIMET will explore possible methods, legal conditions, and business models for such a new application.

Project partners

  • Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Digital Safety, and Security
  • Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Telecommunications

Funding agency

bmvit (Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology) in the ICT of the Future program More information at: