Forecast and analysis of global solar radiation to determine energy production potential in a smart grid environment.

January 2nd to December 2nd 2011

Executive summary

In times of resource shortage and increasing energy demand, renewable energy is becoming increasingly more important. There are only a few methods available for solar radiation forecasts with high temporal and spatial resolution to predict energy production. Therefore, global forecast data and measured point data for modeling and analysis of atmospheric interactions had to be developed and applied.

In the project, UBIMET tackled the challenge of highly resolved analyses and forecasts of solar radiation for determining energy output of photovoltaic systems. UBIMET developed a method for full-area calculation of the direct solar radiation from measured and forecasted total solar radiation and synoptical parameters. UBIMET considered shadows of clouds, terrain, and neighboring objects such as buildings and trees. The developed method also helps to produce a radiation map from measured and archived solar radiation values. These can be used as decision support for finding appropriate locations for new solar collectors.

Project funding

The Climate and Energy Fund, Austria


Austrian Solar Award 2012 by EUROSOLAR AUSTRIA