Downsampling of air pollution and weather models for urban scales.

January 1st 2013 until December 31st 2015

Executive summary

This project aims to improve real-time predictions for weather and air-quality conditions on urban scales, considering orographic and urban development aspects. The resulting urban weather model will be used by the project partner VRV and provides citizens with additional information about
their urban environment in 3D animations or augmented reality overlays. Aside from the research aspect, the project focuses on the development of applications, improving citizens’ quality of life.

UBIMET goals

  • High-resolution spatio-temporal predictions of severe weather (e.g., to localize flash floods in a timely fashion)
  • Snowfall predictions on street-to-street level for timely winter service alerts
  • A comfort index that allows citizens to estimate their exposure to pollution, heat, or UV radiation
  • Air-quality predictions for different districts in Vienna for particulate matter, ozone, and
carbon monoxide
  • Watering recommendations for gardeners and green areas

Project partners

  • VRVis Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization Research GmbH

Project funding

This project is co-financed by ZIT – Center for Innovation and Technology of the City of Vienna More information at: