Real-time Monitoring and Performance Evaluation

October 2019 to September 2022

Executive summary

Green Infrastructure plays an important role for cities when it comes to climate change adoption. Nevertheless the implementation of guidelines and strategies lags behind – not only within public space but also in urban development and in the private sector. One of the main reasons for that are uncertainties regarding the real, measurable impact and use of Green Infrastructure and the monetary assessability.

The declared aim of the project is the development of the GREeNvaluation toolkit, as a precursor to the implementation of green and liveable cities. By visualizing and balancing the services of Green Infrastructure, the benefits become more tangible and understandable, and increased awareness of the need for greening measures is therefore to be expected. The GREeNvaluation web application enables better cost-benefit assessments and thus enables decisions for more green. This could eliminate and overcome significant = financial reservations or barriers in the implementation of green infrastructure. The GREeNvaluation toolkit aims to create awareness through target group-specific communication formats.

Main target group of the project is the public sector, as it helps to calculate the return on investment. Big, international companies can also use it to justify measures for Green Infrastructure and to calculate power balances. More application potentials will be discusses within the business plan workpackage.

Project partners

  • Green4Cities GmbH
  • University of natural resources and life sciences (Boku)
  • tatwort Nachhaltige Projekt GmbH
  • Fluxguide GmbH

Project funding

6th call of the Cities of the Future Programme of the Austrian Ministry of Transport and Innovation (bmvit)

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