Situation-based ubiquitous meteorological services.

August 1st 2007 to March 31st 2011

Executive summary

The aim of the SITUMET research project was to develop a new generation of meteorological services based on innovative, regionally specific forecasting modules. In this project, UBIMET was able to refine and develop services such as the basic concept of tailor-made weather information in the Weather Cockpit. These services are available in and for every location in any temporal and geographical resolution. As always with UBIMET, the display of content varies according to customer needs. Based on the technology developed in this research project, weather information is available to suit a wide range of applications, systems, and end devices. All in all, it is possible to provide information to individuals, to control telematics (such as vehicle and household technology), and to feed information into other systems (e.g. navigation systems) and applications (e.g. augmented-reality).

Project partners

  • Fraunhofer Institute for System and Software technology (now FOKUS), Department of Location-based Services

Project funding

ZIT – Center for Innovation and Technology of the City of Vienna, Vienna Spots of Excellence program