Big Data for Energy

BD4NRG Big Data for Energy

January 2021 – December 2023

Executive summary

The Energy System is going through an unprecedented transformation that can be summarized in two main factors: 1) installation of new energy sources driven by renewable and 2) a new active role for the customers. We are moving away from the idea of delivering a commodity and entering in a new economy of services. In a situation with high penetration of renewables, where the incremental cost of energy is significantly going down, it will become realistic to establish a completely new type of relation with energy customers. Instead of selling kilowatt-hour, it will make more sense to sell concepts such as a warmer house. On the other hand, customers are becoming active players (the so-called prosumers) so that the distinction between Business to Customers and Business to Business is becoming less evident. In this service driven digitized energy ecosystem, data are expected to play more and more a key role.

BD4NRG vision is to unlock and exploit the economic potential of big data to enable improved operation for all the stakeholders in the energy value chain, through creating and deploying an elastic energy analytics reference framework, which includes a high-velocity flexible elastic data capture and management optimized stack coupled with effective near real time cross-domain cross-stakeholder reusable data analytics specifically tailored to the extreme-scale smart energy grids environments.

Summarized there are two technologies, that shall be developed in BD4NRG:

  • Open standardised shared data-driven multi-stakeholders’ energy decentralized ecosystem (platform)
  • Open technological and business modular big-data analytics decentralized edge-level framework (toolbox)

UBIMET will support the goals of BD4NRG by

  • Automated edge-level network load and RES generation prediction
  • Anticipated prediction of network outage originated by adverse weather conditions
  • Uncertainty predictions of weather conditions to support electricity producers in capacity planning, energy production forecasts and risk hedging

Project partners

among others,

  • Engineering (project coordinator)
  • National Technical University of Athens – NTUA
  • Rheinisch-Westpfaeliche Technische Hochschule Aachen
  • European Dynamics Luxembourg SA
  • European Network of Transmission System
  • ATOS Spain SA
  • Uninova-Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias-Associacao
  • Restore NV
  • Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum
  • Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO
  • Enercoutim
  • Fiware Foundation EV
  • Holistic IKE
  • Stichting EGI

BD4NRG Project Website:

Project funding

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement Nº 872613.